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Sun, Oct 08


164 Argyle Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218, USA

Wine, Cheese and Authors!

We're having a party and you're invited! Come join us for our Second Sunday event this October. Catch up with a friend up, meet an old colleague, make a new friend & even meet 2 Authors! We promise there'll be lots to talk about & we won't run short of food or drinks. Can't wait to see you there!

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Wine, Cheese and Authors!
Wine, Cheese and Authors!

Time & Location

Oct 08, 2023, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

164 Argyle Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218, USA

About the Event


Max Heinrich, PhD. is a clinical psychologist who earned his PhD from Cornell University in 1968. He has worked primarily with the seriously and persistently mentally ill in hospital settings. For most of that time he directed various inpatient and outpatient services. He has won local, state and national awards for public advocacy on behalf of his profession. Currently his week is divided between treating patients and teaching students on a psychiatric inpatient unit in a public hospital, as well as maintaining an extensive private practice.

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Read on for more information about Dr. Heinrich's book:

Reflections of a Cynical Clinical Psychologist

By Max Heinrich

Paperback ISBN: 9780367336394

Hardback ISBN: 9780367336400

eBook ISBN: 9780429320965

Out now!      $25.95/ £19.99 RRP

"The book is a treasure chest of anecdotes and incisive humor; the author’s memory is exceptional, many of the tales hilarious, and many of them horrifying.”Jay Neugeboren, Author of Imagining Robert and Transforming Madness

Presenting first-hand accounts from the ‘front line’, Reflections of a Cynical Clinical Psychologist provides the reader with a participant experience of the daily ups and downs of a US mental health professional. Vividly describing actual clinical events ranging from tragic to comedic, this book calls attention to the human realities of the system’s dysfunction.

Illustrated throughout by anecdotes based on the author’s 50 years of experience and observations in the field, the book focuses on ‘the system’ as the problem, identifying the limitations in current mental health policy with the emphasis misplaced onto profit rather than optimal patient care. These anecdotes are organized by themes such as the harsh treatment of patients by staff; loss in the workplace; anomalous staff behavior; problems with the legal system; and clinically unexpected and bizarre episodes.

The value of humor as a stress reducer, social leveler and a means to make incisive points is highlighted throughout. As stated by Jay Neugeboren, the author’s “advocacy on behalf of helpful policies, and against the idiocies that caused people pain and anguish is admirable, and beyond admirable. He has an amazing perspective, and a rich inventory of all that was good, less good, and awful in the way we've dealt with mental illness for the past half century in its more florid incarnations, and its less lethal instances. And the horrors noted in his early work at an old state hospital leavened by his wit made for an exceptional outlook on that era.”

This is important reading for mental health professionals, policy makers and those interested in humanizing social policy.

Linda Marsanico, PhD is a psychologist with an integrative and spiritual focus, was educated in the United States and England. Her doctorate in social psychology is from Loughborough University, England. At Postgraduate Center, NYC, she clinically focused on psychodynamic work with children, adolescents, and families.

Linda’s philosophy is referred to as facilitation and collaboration which rests on an equal relationship: the client as the ‘expert’ on self and the facilitator as the ‘expert’ on theories for psychological change.

With the notion of play taken from the work of D.W. Winnicott, the English pediatrician and psychoanalyst, Linda utilizes the beauty and function of playing: involving fantasy, creativity, and energy flow. The task is to align the conscious and unconscious with the specific goal of moving toward desired changes, nurturing the healing process.

Read on for more information about Dr. Marsanico's book:

The A Train to Sedona: Moving Through Your Shadow Towards The Light.

By Linda Marsanico

Paperback ISBN13 978-1513690483

Out now!   $24.99


The A Train to Sedona takes you along on my search for awareness and connection to God and consciousness. You are with me as I work to develop an intuitive, heart-felt language, as I let go of ideas that don't serve me, as I move into multidimensional thinking and the channeling of magic. Travel with me, first-hand, as I recount my journey toward compassion, forgiveness, and self-love.

And I will guide you as we go. You will not only hear my story. The A Train to Sedona is also a map for you to follow as you move toward your own practice of genuine self-love that reflects outward into the world. Move with me toward robust health by harnessing the power of love to heal. Join me as I embrace stillness, quiet, spiritual energy, and prayer, to balance my mind, body, and spirit. Accompany me as I choose love over fear, transforming negativity into the adventure of the spiritual path. Embrace this thrilling discovery: you can learn by looking inward for your connection to your highest wisdom; you can remember how powerful you are! Learn to co-create your constructive desires. Harness your energy and create the life you desire. Choose to partner with God. What's more powerful than that? Essentially, choose to live in love. Love is awesome. Love opens doors... I am passionate about my long and winding journey, as life has unfolded. My hope is that my passage will inspire and enable yours "The A Train to Sedona, describes the joy, the challenge, and adventure of the spiritual journey through experiences of forgiveness, love, and compassion. This book will nurture your health journey to achieve your highest potentials for transformation as well as tapping into the God/Goddess within. This is a book about transformation, faith, and magic. Jump on board."

The A Train to Sedona, describes the joy, the challenge, and adventure of the spiritual journey through experiences of forgiveness, love, and compassion. This book will nurture your health journey to achieve your highest potentials for transformation, as well as well as tapping into the God/Goddess within. This is a book about transformation, faith, and magic. Jump on board.

Dr. Ani Kalayjia Founder & President of Meaningfulworld, author of Forget Me Not

Using practical examples taken from real-life situations, and citing major traditions and beliefs

such as Buddhism, as well as accessing contemporary and past thinkers, scientists, life coaches and spiritual leaders, Linda Marsanico guides the reader along the path of self-awareness by describing and analyzing her own life decisions, her strategies for dealing with fear, and her

epiphanies when experiencing the power of self-love. Marsanico's book is written in a warm, friendly style for those seeking to experience peace and growth spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally by shedding negative energy and creating positive energy.

Michael O'Brien Browne, Transformational life-coach & award-winning author

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